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  • With the changes in the Law on Trademarks and Geographical Indications coming into force on 01.03.2011, on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria was established a completely oppositional system for trademark registration.
  • By establishing the oppositional system is removed the examination for prior rights during the procedure for registering the trademark. This means that the Patent Office no longer checks ex officio (through verification) if the applied trademark is already owned by another person. Thus, only the presence of a registered mark does not guarantee that afterwards there won’t be a subsequent registration that is similar or even identical to yours.

A procedure for registration of trademarks at the Patent Office: after filing the application and paying the relevant fee, an examination is made only regarding the formal correctness of the application and the provided absolute grounds for refusal (the sign is not a trademark, it contravenes the public order, it is descriptive, etc.); after completion of this examination, the application will be published, as there is a 3-month term (from the publication date) to file an opposition against the conflict application. Only filing an opposition can stop the registration of a trademark similar or identical to yours. Missing the possibility to file an opposition on time, results in automatic registration of the later trademark.

  • The proprietors of already registered trademarks should have proactive attitude, in order to protect their rights, namely, efficiently to use the opportunity of filing oppositions.

In order to realize such “care” for the already registered trademark and its successful protection, it should be included in a system for monitoring. The service trademark monitoring is intended namely for ensuring this protection.

The monitoring we offer is made through specialized software, all trademarks having effect on the territory of Bulgaria are being tracked, i.e. the observed registries are:

  • publications in the bulletin of the Bulgarian Patent Office – Bulgarian applications;
  • publications in the bulletin of the office responsible for registration of Community trademarks – OHIM;
  • publications in the bulletins of the World Intellectual Property Organization – WIPO – applications for international trademarks, acting on the territory of Bulgaria;

When having a report for a new application that is similar to the monitored trademark, the customer receives information about: the application itself, the applicant, the goods and services applied for, a period within which appropriate actions can be undertaken.
Together with the report containing all the necessary information about the conflict application, you are provided with a professional advice regarding your chances for success if you file an opposition.

  • The price we suggest for monitoring one trademark for a period of 12 months in the three registries is 150 levs (there are various discounts for package services for monitoring more than one trademark).
  • If you are interested in working with us and benefitting of our service „Trademark monitoring”, please fill in this registration form for monitoring and send a scanned copy to the fax or email showed on this webpage.
  • By receiving your completed application, we will send you a proforma invoice for paying the due fee; by paying the fee – the marks applied for are entered in the monitoring system and you are accordingly informed.
  • Two months before the expiry of your annual monitoring subscription, you will be sent information about its renewing. About possible discounts you should contact our team. If you need additional information about our services, please contact us at convenient time by phone or e-mail .
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