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Market Surveys & Internet Monitoring



Market Surveys & Internet MonitoringIn a highly competitive market environment, it is important the owners of already established brands to be able to ensure their protection from imitation, copying or other types of infringement.

The services we offer are:

  • Organized market surveys;
  • Test purchases;
  • Monitoring auction sites and online shops;
  • Desk research;
  • Anti Counterfeiting Investigations;
  • Company Investigations;
  • Internet Investigations;
  • Parallel trading investigations.

The market survey presents a real up to date valuation of the market situation (counterfeiting products, original products passing-off, unfair competition), presents adequate picture of the existing problems and point of interest.

In the highly competitive market environment it is crucial the trade mark owners to ensure that their well-recognised and established brands are protected from counterfeiting, unfair competition and imitation – activities which may lead to creating bad image among the consumers and undermining the trust in the brand.

The services which we offer are market surveys and monitoring, test purchases which can help the trade mark owner identify and get acquainted with the market situation.

The market survey is offered upon client’s request or on a subscription basis. The client receives a comprehensive report. Upon request the client may receive professional advice for the possible legal actions against identified infringements.

We also offer internet monitoring and surveys for identifying on-line infringement actions, including monitoring of social networks and forums for possible negative qualifications and information related to the monitored trade mark.

For more information, please, contact our team.